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I hope I can attach pictures to this email from your website.

The first installation is through the deck (as per your instructions which helped a lot), then a hole for the prism was cut in the headliner that hangs just below the inside fiberglass of the deck. I had a piece of 7" wide teak sitting around, so I cut a round piece, cut a hole in the middle, fitted it with a dremel tool, and just pressed it up on the deck prism gently. It's been staying there and holding the headliner up ever since without any glue or any other adhesive. The tapered fit is holding it on just fine. That also allowed me to pop it off with a little bit of back and forth rocking to see if it leaked during the hurricanes. It never has.

Click ALL Pictures For Detail

The second installation was done through the deck, and then through a ceiling that was about 3 inches below the deck. It's in the head so it has a solid ceiling rather than headliner, and the 3/4" thick ceiling is suspended about 2 inches below the inside fiberglass of the deck. I thought I would have to cut out a large area to get enough opening to allow the full length of the prism to throw light throughout the room. As it turned out, in the small area of the head, the light was great with the couple inches sticking down, so I enlarged the hole just barely enough to put a standard 7.5" trim ring for a regular "can" type light you find in home ceilings. I also bought the reflector that goes in the can lights. The opening in the cone shaped reflector is for a regular light bulb, so I took down my teak trim ring from the other room, put it over the reflector, leveled it, marked my cut line, used a cutting disk in the dremel and cut the reflector to fit over the deck prism. I had to epoxy the reflector onto the trim ring because in a house, there's a spring from the can that holds it and the trim ring up in the can, and there wasn't anyhwere to hook the spring in my ceiling. I then put the trim ring/reflector up with a little white silicone adhesive. Viola, plenty of light and a trim ring that matches the other white trim in the head.

I think the reflector actually may have increased the light, but it's so bright it's hard to tell. You can see from the photos that taking pictures of these darn things isn't easy. I waited until we had a very overcast day to get these shots. Otherwise I'm sure without filters all we'd have gotten was a BRIGHT light in the middle of a blank picture.

Here's the final shots of the trim rings and the picture of the bow showing where I mounted them, and what a low profile they have. I mounted them as near to the same place on each side to try to maintain an "even" appearance on the bow. Luckily I could do it and still get them both far enough away from walls to get great light.

Use whichever of the two "trim ring" pictures you want. One is just a little closer than the other. Looking straight down into them looks like an image they use for hypnosis. It's also interesting to see me standing over the thing to take the picture. Thanks again. Hopefully you'll get the photos. If not send me an email and I'll respond to it (that sometime works better, or I can send them one at a time if your sever won't let this much data go though at once.

THANKS again.

Kevin & Susan Connor
2536 Rue Palafox
Biloxi, MS 39531
1-228-806-2615 (cell)

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I was just going through the "favorites" and found the Marine Skylights in my boating folder.

We have moved, and if anyone wants to ask us about the deck prisms I'm still extremely happy with them, they have never leaked, they still throw all the light we need, and continue to dazzle people that want to know what they are.

As a matter of fact the City of Duluth sponsored three tall ships a couple weeks ago, and one of the "interesting facts" in the local paper was a picture of one of the deck prisms on the boats and the question was, "Do you know what this is?"

All my friends know. The only thing they can't find is the switch to "turn off the lights" when they leave the head or the crew cabin. That's OK.

You can change the address on the website to:

Kevin & Susan Connor
1919 Minnesota Avenue #3
Duluth, MN 55802
HP 1-218-727-1747
CP 1-218-269-1747

Thanks again for your help, and a great product.

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