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Typical Installation 2


Photo 1

The top two pictures show the next stages of the installation where the hole is cut in the headliner and the screw holes are cut over size to be filled with epoxy and then drilled for screw size. This ensures that no water will be able to get into the balsa core.
( Photo 1 & 2 )

This is the installed prism ( It is completely water tight at this point, the ring is for finished looks only).The holes for the screws have been filled with epoxy and are ready to be drilled to size for the screws used.
( Photo 3 )

This shows the completed installation. As can be seen this leaves a nice finish and leaves the deck obstacle free and still gives good lighting to the boat's interior.
( Photo 4 & 5 )

To see a customer Installation and Remarks

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5