StarbuckFrom: Sandra
Sent: Friday, March 31, 2006 4:02 PM
Subject: Thanks, Ross!

Just wanted to say the new stainless steel frames for the Mason prisms are beautiful!
I appreciate being able to talk with you in such detail about the new prisms and their
installation method, and I am glad to know that, if we have any questions about the process
as it goes along, good advice is only a phone call away.

I also really appreciate the *trust* you showed, in sending us the frames and allowing us to
send you payment for the shipping later - and on top of that, going out of your way to send
a sample of your own interior wood frame to copy and return - you really went the extra mile.
The sample should arrive back with you in a day or so, along with my check for the shipping
cost of the stainless steel frames.

We will send you pictures of the boat and prism installation process, as soon as we get them
installed. Again, we appreciate all the communication and help, and would definitely
recomment your business to anyone.

Thanks again,
Sandra Starbuck and
Craig Parkin
s/v American Flyer

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